This Jean Monnet Chair has contributed in a valuable way to my research work on value reconciliation. The courses of the Chair allow me to explore and test ideas with the international and interdisciplinary post-graduate students of the IES.  From the perspective of developing the more theoretical aspects of value reconciliation – such as the notions of coherence or poly-centric governance -- the Virtuosi platform has proven precious.

The articles that I have authored with my colleagues have tried to address value reconciliation from multiple, intersecting angles. I have tried first of all to approach the theme from the perspective of important and topical policy debates. You thus find below articles on European biofuels as well as content (such as music and films) on the digital marketplace. Institutionally, I have explored the involvement of the legislators – not only in Europe at the EU, national as well as local levels, but also internationally in a comparative fashion in many other regions of the world. The institutional focus of the research has also included the role and means of judiciaries in Europe (CJEU, European Court of Human Rights, UK High Court), in the US, Australia as well as the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body, in reconciling diverse societal values.


Following up on the Chair’s premise of strong interdisciplinarity, the research has integrated legal analysis with political, communications and environmental sciences, with touches of economics. Indeed, rECOncile has offered me an opportunity to experiment also with unconventional methods such as discourse analysis in the framework of legal studies.

 I invite you to have a peak, and hope it proves as useful to you as it has been exciting for me to conduct!  

Kalimo, Harri & Söebech, Olof & Mateo, Lea & Sedefov, Filip (2019) Giving Biojet Wings. Policy Instruments for a Carbon Neutral Aviation Sector. Colorado Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Review (30)2, 205-244.

Kalimo, Harri & Meyer, Trisha & Mylly, Tuomas (2018) Of values and legitimacy – Discourse analytical insights on European Court of Justice Copyright case law. The Modern Law Review 82(1) 283-307.

Keeping the pirate at bay? A comparative discursive analysis of US and EU court decisions on copyright liability of intermediaries. Kalimo, H., Meyer, T. & Mylly, T., 18 May 2018, EUIA VI: Protecting and Projecting Europe (#EUIA18).

Kalimo, Harri & Majcher, Klaudia (2017) The Concept of Fairness: Linking EU Competition and Data Protection Law in the Digital Marketplace. European Law Review(42): 210-233. ISSN: 0307-5400.

Selected by the Editorial Board of the Antitrust Writing Awards as a candidate for the Best Article category in 11/2017.

  • The first VUB scholar to publish in the prestigious Modern Law Review (“Of values and legitimacy”)
  • Features as seminal reading in Craig & De Burcas EU Law” Chapter on EU’s internal market (“De Minimismeets Market Access”, Common Market Law Review 51(1)) (See Annex 2)
  • Nominee for the Best Academic Article of the 2018 Antitrust Writing Awards of Concurrences (“The concept of fairness: linking EU competition and data protection law in the digital marketplace” (European Law Review 51:210-233)