Prof Harri Kalimo frequently organises events in the context of the rECOncile Jean Monnet Chair, both public events organised by the Institute for European Studies and other public speeches and presentations usually organised or requested by third party organisations.


Inaugural lectures and policy forums

The Inaugural Lectures and The Policy Forums are Jean Monnet events where issues of particular salience for the themes of the rECOncile Chair – the EU’s internal market, environment and value reconciliation -- are brought into a public discussion amongst the central stakeholders in the society: policy makers, businesses, the civil society, academics, students and the public at large.

The Inaugural Lectures highlight the opening of the academic year for the new students, the alumni and the professors. The policy forums, on the other hand, engage the general public by offering a forum for a lively debate together as well as a networking session either preceding or following the event. Both the Inaugural Lectures and the Policy Forums thus aim at raising the impact and profile of the Jean Monnet Chair. Three Inaugural lectures and seven Policy Forums have taken place during the Chair so far.


1. Inaugural Lecture 2016 –  Digital Economy, Market & Privacy– Philippe De Backer,  Belgian State Secretary -- 16 September 2016

2. Inaugural Lecture 2017 –  From 1984 to 2004 – An Eastern European’s Journey to Brussels– Mr. Matti Maasikas, Deputy Minister for EU Affairs, Estonia (EU Presidency) – 12 Oct 2017

3. Inaugural Lecture 2018 --  Sovereignty and Property: Histories of Legal imagination – Prof Martti Koskenniemi, University of Helsinki  – 27 Sept 2018


1. Competition law and regulation – 13 Oct 2016

2. The future of sustainable alternative aviation fuels – 19 Oct 2016

3. Sustainable aviation fuels: bridging the gap between technology and policy – 21 March 2017

4. Third country perspectives on sustainable aviation biofuels - 27 September 2017

5. Joint IES-VUB and EconPol Policy Forum on Future Perspectives for the EMU - 18 April 2018

6. Algorithms and Antitrust: New Clouds on the Legal Horizon? - 24 May 2018

    7. Blockchain: The next Target in EU's Competition Law Enforcement? - 19 January 2019


      1. Trade Defense Instruments 2018 – 26 October 2018

      2. Trade Defense Instruments 2019 – 11 October 2019

      “ Economy and ecology - I’m fascinated by the question about how modern societies such as the EU actually manage to reconcile them. ”

      Jean Monnet Chair Harri Kalimo


      Besides the six series of lectures, the Inaugural lectures and the Policy Forums, prof Harri Kalimo has also in his capacity as the Jean Monnet Chair delivered multiple keynote speeches and presentations on the themes of the Chair: the environment, the economy, as well as their interactions.